National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan  is  one  of  the  largest  employers of qualified engineers particularly in the field of Chemical  Engineering.  In  order  to meet the requirement of trained manpower for chemical process industry especially in the fertilizer sector, a Training Center was established in 1985 with the technical assistance of M/s. COSMO International Co., Ltd., Japan.  The  Center   trained   managers, engineers, supervisors,  operators/  technicians  through  multi-dimensional programs that vary widely in content and duration for all types of process and engineering industry.

To further diversify the activities of the Centre and in line with the education policy announced by the Government of Pakistan,  NFC  with  the  approval  of  Ministry  of Industries & Production, Government of Pakistan upgraded the Centre in 1994  and started graduate engineering classes initially in Chemical Engineering discipline and changed its nomenclature as “NFC  Institute  of  Engineering  & Technological training”. This was also the need of the country and particularly of this area.


It is a matter of great satisfaction and pride to state that NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology, Multan is going to begin a new academic session , 2013, thereby hitting a new milestone on its journey in the search for excellence. On this auspicious occasion, I extend my very warm welcome to the young men and women who are likely to enter this great institute to realize their dreams and aspirations.

Vision – Mission of NFC IET

  1. Pursue excellence in education and research
  2. Develop curricula to meet national and economy needs
  3. Develop a vivid interface between academia and industry
  4. Enhance the capacity building faculty
  5. Produce graduate engineers possessing:
  • High professional competence
  • Analytical Approach towards problem solving
  • Organizational & managerial skills
  • Spirit of nation building, humanistic outlook & ethical rectitude

Vice Chancellor

I take the opportunity of this special occasion of welcoming aspiring young chaps becoming part of the vibrant community of IETIENS and joining their chosen courses in undergraduate and post graduate programs at NFC-IET Multan. My special words of appreciation and gratitude are also extended to the parents and family members who are part of our alumni network and always keen to support the Institute with their valuable advice and professional expertise.

The Institute has a cherished tradition serving as a distinguished engineering education provider offering highest numbers of engineering programs in the region of South Punjab. Our services of imparting professional trainings and diverse range of educational activities comprise of an extended period of 25 years of excellence. It is for this strong foundation and an array of experience in learning and teaching that we grow and shape future of our graduates. The challenges what we are struggling hard, to generate ideas that will benefit society, and to educate and train professionals to work in the fields where they will be valued both for their specialized knowledge, and their ability to research, communicate and knowledge application for solving problems.

As a Vice Chancellor, I am deeply committed in attracting faculty of high academic ranks and ambitious students dedicated to educational excellence, improving their academic grades, developing and expending multi range of academic programs, ensuring high quality curriculum to produce value added graduates. With such ambitions I can see my dream come true helping nation enjoy a smart and quality life.

I wish and assure you, on behalf of NFC-IET community, that the Institute will help the best in pursuing your objectives of life under multi-cultural and social environment at the versatile campus and make your family proud of your attainments.

Engr. Prof. Dr. Akhtar Ali Malik

Facilitation for Doing Business

NFC-Intitute of Engineering & Technology, Multan is a Federally Chartered Degree awarding Institute established under an Act of Parliament (NFC-IET Act 2012) published in Gazette of Pakistan on 08-05-2012.

The main role and objectives of the Institute are as under:

  • Pursue Excellence in Education & Research.
  • Develop Curricula to meet National and Economy needs.
  • Develop a Vivid Interface between Academia and industry.
  • Enhance the Capacity Building of Faculty.
  • Produce Graducate Possessing:
    • High Professional Competence
    • Analytical Approach Towards Problem Solving.
    • Organizational & Managerial Skills
    • Spirit of Nation Building, Humanistic Outlook & Ethical Rectitude.

Multan City



The Institute is situated in Multan, a city located in the orbit of world known as Indus civilization and is amongst the few ancient cities of Pakistan. Multan’s history of religious political activities is almost five thousand years old. Multan, once famous for “Sun-worship” in the early centuries of Christian era was introduced to a completely new set of conquerors. The city turned into a great centre of Suhrwardia Silisilah established under the guidance of Sheikh Bahauddin Zakariya.

Exquisite relics of that era are the treasured possessions of The Khanqah (Shrine) of Shah Rukn-e-Aalam, a masterpiece of architecture which became the identity of Multan. During this period, immigrants from various cultural and intellectual centres of central Asia and Iran came to Multan. Today’s city of Multan reflects a complete blend of modern, planned metropolitan systems and old civilization.

The Institute is located on Khanewal Road in close proximity to Pak Arab Fertilizers Ltd., which is one of the biggest chemical process complexes in the country, and provides a strong technical backup to the Institute.

Stretched over a land of 320 canals, NFC-IET is housed in a number of buildings having graceful exterior and elegant interiors with all the necessary amenities for its users. The location of the Institute offers many advantages. Perhaps the most important advantage is the invaluable opportunities it offers for establishing an interaction between industry and Institute.

Mid-Country Oil Refinery is a petrochemical complex established by PARCO and is the biggest employer of IET graduates. The refinery is about 60 kilometres away from Multan and provides opportunity for Internships, Student Training, Industrial Tours etc. and has proved a source of learning and technical collaboration for the students of IET.

Of class of 2018

Bachelor’s recipients were employed

Of class of 2018

Bachelor’s recipients were employed


Bachelor’s recipients were employed