Fluid Mechanics Lab

  1. Determination of Cd of Rectangular Notch
  1. Determination of Cd of V-Notch.
  1. Determination of Hydraulic coefficient of an orifice.
  1. Determination of discharge and Cd of anVenturimeter.
  1. Determination of force developed by a Jet of water
  1. To study fluid friction on a Roughened pipe.
  1. To study fluid friction in a Smooth Bore pipe.
  1. Study of Model of a Pelton wheal turbine.
  1. Discharge under Varying Head
  1. Determination of Hydrostatic force.
  1. Determination of the Metacentric Height of a floating ship.
  1. To verify the impulse momentum principle for a jet of water striking on a stationary plate.
  1. To make the study double acting reciprocating pump.
  1. To make the study double acting centrifugal pump.
  1. To perform experiment on double acting reciprocating pump. And to determine % slip and co-efficient of discharge.
  1. To perform experiment on double acting centrifugal     pumps and hence to plot its characteristics curves.
  1. To determine densities and specific gravities.
  1. To determine the viscosity of various liquids.
  1. To observe the effect of the size of the gap between the two plates on capillary elevation.
  1. To measure the capillary elevation produced by various sizes of capillary tubes.
  1. To show that the free surfaces of a static liquid is horizontal.
  1. Effect of flow on free surface.
  1. Measurement of Liquid Levels.
  1. Study of Wind Reaction Turbine.
  1. Study of Wind Impulse Turbine.




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