Electrical Engineering at NFC IET:

Department of Electrical Engineering at the institute offers BSc degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in following three growing sub-areas:

  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Power Engineering

Students enrolled in the program study common subjects for the first six semesters. After Sixth semester, they are regrouped to a specialization, based on their preference and obtained Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) up to that point. This approach not only provides enough prologue to the field of Electrical engineering before they study specialized courses, but makes them eligible to compete for a wide spectrum of employment opportunities at both national and international levels.

Computer Engineering students are trained in the field of computing, software engineering, ASIC, DSP and other hardware development tools related to R&D. Electronic Engg is biased towards Power Electronics, Signal Processing, and VLSI Design. Power Engineering has been a neglected field in the country for the last one decade which has resulted in shortage of skilled persons in the field. The department has taken on this challenge and initiated this specialization in 2010 with focus on Power System Protection, Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution, and Efficient Transmission and Utilization of Electrical Energy.

Elective subjects of each specialization are designed according to the latest job market requirements and are regularly updated with the changing need of targeted market.

Emerging Topics in Electrical Engineering:

We, at Department of Electrical Engineering are well aware of emerging subfields of Electrical Engineering and have designed our curriculum and planned our laboratory facilities accordingly. A few such fields are as under:

  • Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy
  • Satellite Controlled Power Systems
  • Intelligent Power System Protection Devices
  • Utilization of Wireless Sensor Networks for Developing World
  • 3-G Broad Band Networks
  • Microelectronics
  • VLSI Design
  • Photonics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


The department has a history of revising curriculum right from the commencement of program in 2001. Presently Electrical Engineering Curriculum is as per the latest guidelines of Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council prepared in consultation with experts of the field in the country. Course contents have been designed keeping in view the background knowledge of students and core electrical engineering concepts. Advanced courses are included and dropped as per the changing market and postgraduate requirement at both national and international levels. 


The department has ample number of PhD and MSc qualified faculty members trained to deliver knowledge skillfully by teaching a variety of electrical engineering subjects in breadth and depth. In addition to having relevant higher qualification in the area, they have versatile educational and industrial experience within country and abroad. 

The faculty is actively involved in ongoing research in various subfields of Electrical Engineering and has produced a number of good quality research papers in international journals and conferences in last few years.


NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology is envisaged to grow as a modern center of excellence for research and
development in the fields of sciences, engineering and technologies. Though research is still in the nascent stages, but mentors of the institute ensure keen interest of faculty in tendering research publications in well reputed national and international journals frequently.



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