Mechanical Engineering Labs are designed to supplement the degree program. The department places utmost importance on laboratory courses, hence efforts have been made to have the laboratories equipped with modern state of the art equipment, which permits the student to apply his or her theoretical knowledge to test engineering principles with effective test and measuring techniques. The laboratories are designed to provide hands on experience in basic measurements and instrumentation equipment and the application of classroom theory. The aim of the laboratory course is to conduct experiments in the major areas of Mechanical Engineering. The experiments in this laboratory course are tailored towards a specific engineering discipline. For this purpose IET has established the following labs.
  1. Engineering Workshop
  2. Engineering Drawing Hall
  3. Engineering Mechanics Lab
  4. Computer/CAD/CAM Lab
  5. Thermodynamics/HVAC Lab
  6. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  7. Heat Transfer Lab
  8. IC Engine Lab
  9. Metrology Lab.
  10. Mechanics of Machine Lab
  11. Mechanics of Materials Lab



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