NFC-IET's Mechanical Engineering Department which is a new addition to the upgraded degree awarding institute is dedicated to academic excellence in our course offerings. We intend to engage our students in challenging and rewarding work as soon as they decide to explore Mechanical Engineering. The Mechanical Engineering Department is an ideal environment for students who have proven to be the best and the brightest; those who are prepared and eager for the challenge.


The Department offers four years B.Sc Mechanical Engineering program. It's strong and interactive curriculum, based on the recommendations of HEC and PEC, and hands on learning will make students capable of taking their career to the next level, whether it be in the professional engineering practice or in advanced study. The department, just established this year, will be focusing on high quality teaching alongwith integrated laboratory experience. The department effectively connects teaching of engineering education to active research in different areas. It provides excellent education in the application of the traditional blend of core areas of dynamics, vibrations, structural analysis, materials, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer and control theory for the analysis, design and manufacturing of a wide variety of mechanical systems. The students undergo extensive course work, project work and laboratory experience during their studies. 

We aim to provide our students with a perfect blend of intellectual and practical experiences that helps them to serve our society and address a variety of needs. At the end of our program, students are prepared for entry level work as a mechanical engineer as well as for the postgraduate study in mechanical engineering or in another relevant discipline, where a fundamental engineering background constitutes a desirable foundation. Academic course work and projects are designed to endow students with the ability to apply knowledge of science, mathematics and engineering, and the capability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams providing leadership and technical expertise.


1.to provide students with the necessary foundation for entry level industrial positions in mechanical engineering related industries or advanced study programs through rigorous instruction in the fundamentals of mechanical engineering.

2.to provide students with an introduction to team work and communication techniques to prepare them for successful careers in industry or advanced study programs.

3.to provide students with the opportunity to broaden through education in engineering and science and expand their knowledge in a particular technical area by offering a choice of technical electives.

4.to provide students with opportunities to learn and grow as individuals, contribute to society and to appreciate the ability to achieve their goals through life long learning.


The department faculty is a blend of people with an extensive teaching, research and consulting experience and others who are relatively recent graduates full of energy, enthusiasm and aspiration of an exciting and long academic career.



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