Pakistan Engineering Council

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has approved IET as Professional Engineering Body to conduct the following  courses scheduled under Continious Professional Skill Development (CPD) Activity for the Year 2012.

Activity Contents

1- Workshop on CHEMCAD Process Design and Simulation

  • Key Modules of the Course:
  • Role of Simulation in Process Design
  • Intro to Simulation tools
  • CHEMCAD basis
  • Physical property model basics and estimation
  • Unit operation models
  • Pressure Changers
  • Distillation Column Modelling
  • Heat exchangers modelling
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Practice Workshop

2. Workshop on Engineering Skills of Distributed Control System (DCS)

  • System Specification/Overview
  • Hardware Description
  • Project Creation Utility
  • Project Common Definition
  • Project Creation
  • Controller Configuration
  • I/O Module Configuration
  • Software Switches
  • Message Configuration
  • Control Drawing Builder
  • Control Station , I/O Module
  • Range generation
  • Regulatory Control Function
  • Sequence Control Function
  • Sequence Control Function
  • Logic Control generation

3- Workshop on Improving Operational Efficiency of Boiler


  • Boiler Fundamentals and Steam cycle
  • Boilers Types and Their Efficiency
  • Boiler Feed Water Preparation

Day -2

  • Basic Boiler Calculations
  • Combustion Calculation, Stochiometric Air Calculation for Coal and Bagasse
  • Calculation of Heating Value for different fuels.
  • Combustion losses
  • Boiler Efficiency Calculations
  • Potential for Co-Combustion of coal and biomass as fuels in Boiler
  • 20 Methods to Improve Operational Efficiency of Boiler

4. Seminar on Drinking Water Quality Issues/Treatment Techniques

  • Availability of Drinking Water
  • Drinking water quality standards and guidelines
  • Water quality issues of Pakistan
  • Water pollutants
  • Drinking Water treatment strategies

5. Refresher Course on Industrial Corrosion Control Techniques

  • Electrochemical Mechanism of Corrosion
  • Corrosion Cell
  • Galvanic series. Standard Electrode Potential
  • Thermodynamics of Corrosion
  • Corrosion rate expression
  • Forms of Corrosions and protection
  • Cathodic Protection

6. Seminar on Wastewater Treatment Strategies in Process Industries

  • Waste water Characteristics
  • Effluent treatment Standards
  • Physico Chemical Treatment
  • Biological Treatment
  • Advanced wastewater treatment strategies

7. Seminar on Producer Gas as Alternative Fuels for Power Generation in Textile Sector

  • Biomass as Source of Gasification Biomass Resources
  • Benefits of Biomass Gasification
  • Biomass Gasification as a Source of Electricity
  • Attraction of Biomass Gasification
  • Gasification Process and Products
  • Conversion of Biomass into Producer Gas
  • Possible Composition of Producer Gases from Biomass Gasification
  • Status of Gasification Technology
  • Selection of Gasifier
  • Gasifier Choice Why Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasifier
  • Scale of Technology for Gas User
  • Biomass Gasification Technology for I.C Engine
  • Suitability of Internal Combustion Engine
  • Possibilities of using Producer Gas
  • Characteristics of Producer Gas for Suitability to use I.C Engine Fuel
  • Jenbocher Engine Operated from other then Natural Gas
  • Conclusion and Recommendation.
  • Biomass gasification technology
  • Experience from India
  • Suggested plan of action