Rules & Regulations


(As adopted by Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan)

Requirements for Degree
  1. The minimum duration of the B.Sc. Engineering degree programs shall not be less than four academic years.
  2. No candidate shall be admitted to an Examination after the expiry of 07 academic years from the date of his admission in the Institute.
  3. The medium of instructions and examinations shall be English for all subjects except Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies for which the medium of instructions and examinations shall be either Urdu or English.
  4. The courses of studies, the number of credit hours allotted to each course and the detailed syllabus shall be according to the proposals made by the Board of Studies concerned and approved by the Syndicate on the recommendations of the Board of Faculties and Academic Council.
Part-I (Theory Paper):

Sessional Marks in Theory Papers may consists of attendance, Quiz, Sessional Tests or any other assignment as determined by the teacher concerned andshallcarry20%ofthetotalmarksallottedtoPart-I of the subject. In each semester there will be a midterm of 30% marks which will be conducted by the teacher concerned under the semester system rules. The remaining 50% of the marks shall be allocated for the end-term written examination.

     Part-II (Practical & Viva-Voce):

–            Sessional work may consist of attendance, laboratory, design, quiz, studio work and any other assignment as determined by the teacher concerned and shall carry 50% of the total marks allocated to Part-II of a subject and the remaining 50% of the marks shall be for end- term practical and Viva-Voce examinations.

Final Result of Each Semester

–            Final result (GPA, SGPA & CGPA) will be calculated for each Semester as per Semester System rules.

Attendance Requirements

–             The attendance requirement for appearing in Semester examination will be minimum 75% of the total lectures delivered.

Application for Examination
  1. A candidate who wishes to seek admission to an examination shall submit an application in the prescribed form to the Controller of Examinations through the Vice Chancellor and Head of Department of the institute.
A Candidate shall be admitted to the Degree if:
  1. He has passed all the papers of the degree program in the relevant discipline.
  2. He has attended and satisfactorily completed at least 04 to 06 weeks Industrial Training where applicable as Certified by the Vice Chancellor NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology, Multan.
  3. A CGPA of 2.20 on scale of 4.00 at the completion of all course work as prescribed by the department.
Provisional Promotion of Higher Semester
  1. All the BZU and NFC IET amended rules relating to Semester promotion/relegation/probation will be followed.
  2. Student will have to submit an affidavit on provisional promotion to next Semester that if he fails to fulfill the condition of promotion, he will be relegated/dropped and he will not claim any compensation/refund of fee.
Examinations and Grading System

Theory Papers:

  1. Sessional                                 20Marks
  2. MidTerm                                 30Marks
  3. End-termExam                       50Marks

Practical & Viva-Voce:

  1. Sessional                                 20Marks
  2. End-TermExam                       50 Marks

Note:       Minimum Pass Marks for promotion to next semester are 50% (C-Grade), both in theory and practicals.


In rating of the students, three passing grades shall be used A, B, C and one failing grade F. In Terms of the irnumerical

equivalence, the letter grades denote the following:

  1. In rating of the students seven passing grades shall be used A+, A,B+, B,B-,  C+ and C and one failing grade F. In Terms of the ir numerical equivalence, the letter grades denote the following:
Alphabetical Grade Marks G.P.A.
A+ 90-100 4.00
A 80-89 3.70
B+ 75-79 3.30
B 70-74 3.00
B- 65-69 2.70
C+ 60-64 2.30
C 50-59 2.00
  1. A cumulative grade point average shall be computed at the end of the course for all students.
Ready Reckoner Table
90-100 4.00 A+
89 3.90 A
88 3.90 A
87 3.90 A
86 3.90 A
85 3.80 A
84 3.80 A
83 3.80 A
82 3.70 A
81 3.70 A
80 3.70 A
79 3.60 B+
78 3.50 B+
77 3.40 B+
76 3.30 B+
75 3.30 B+
74 3.20 B
73 3.10 B
72 3.10 B
71 3.00 B
70 3.00 B
69 2.90 B-
68 2.80 B-
67 2.80 B-
66 2.70 B-
65 2.70 B-
64 2.60 C+
63 2.50 C+
62 2.40 C+
61 2.40 C+
60 2.30 C+
59 2.20 C
58 2.20 C
57 2.20 C
56 2.20 C
55 2.10 C
54 2.10 C
53 2.10 C
52 2.00 C


51 2.00 C
50 2.00 C
Below 50 Fail
Incomplete I

Good Standing

  1. In order to remain on the rolls of the Department, a student has to continuously maintain “Good Standing” namely a satisfactory standard attendance and academic performance, as well as of conduct and discipline.
  2. To remain in “Good Standing” at the end of first semester a student besides meeting attendance and conduct requirements, must also maintain a minimum CGPA of on a cumulative basis. However, a studenthavingCGPAlessthan2.0butgreaterthan

1.75 will be on probation. Any student with a CGPA of less than 1.75 will be dropped from the roll of the Department forthwith.

  1. At the end of the first Semester, a student must obtain a minimum grade point average (SGPA) of 2.00 to be promoted to the second Semester.

In case a student is able to obtain GPA of 1.75 or more, but less than 2.00 he will be promoted to the second semester on probation. This opportunity is provided only in Ist Semester.                                                                                   

iv) (a) At the end of each Semester, other than Ist semester, a student must obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 and must also pass at least 50% of the courses taken by him in the semester in order to be promoted to next Semester. If any of the proceeding two conditions is not complied with by a student, he shall be removed from the rolls of the Department.

(b) However, if a student fails to comply with any of the conditions in third & subsequent semesters in four years program, he will be detained in that semester & he will repeat the semester. He will be promoted to the next semester on attaining a CGPA of 2.00. The students will have to complete their courses within the stipulated time (07 academic years) for completion of degree.

  1. A student shall be deemed to have lost his/her “Good Standing” if his conduct and behavior is found objectionable from the disciplinary point of view.
Incomplete Grade

No makeup Examination shall be given to a student who does not appear in Mid-Term Examination. In case a student is unable to appear in one or more courses in the End-Term Examination of Semester on medical ground, he may be allowed to appear in the special final Examination to be arranged by the Department provided:

  1. He/She fulfills the conditions of having attended the prescribed number of lectures as laid down in the Regulations.
    1. He/She is laid down as an indoor patient a recognized hospital, or if he/she is not hospitalized as defined above, the candidate shall be examined by the Medical Superintendent of Civil Hospital who may certify the inability of the student to appear in the examination or otherwise.
    2. Application of the student must reach the Department on or before the day of Examination.

Late application shall not be entertained

  1. Such a student shall be given incomplete grade (“I” Grade). He shall be required to appear in the special End-Term examination of that Semester to be held within Four weeks from the Commencement of the next Semester.
  2. He shall also be required to follow the schedule of the next Semester.
  3. The student shall have to pay prescribed fee per course for special End-Term examination.
Change of Course
  1. No student shall change a course except with the written approval/reassignment by the Head Department. The time period for such a change shall be07daysfromthecommencementofthecourse.
  2. The Department may switch the courses of different Semester according to needs or the availability of teaching facilities.

Semester Break

In case a student (other than first semester student) due to some unavoidable circumstances (prolonged illness or such other genuine reason) is unable to continue his studies, he/she may apply for a semester break. The case will be put up to the departmental examination committee for consideration. In case, the committee recommends it, semester break will be allowed. The semester break will be allowed for a maximum period of one year. The total time period for completion of the programme will however, remain the same as already provided in rules.




Rules Relating to Discipline

No student shall;

utter, do, or propagate anything repugnant to Islam within and outside the precincts of the Institute,

  1. say or do anything which might adversely affect the honour and prestige of Pakistan or Institute and Teachers,
  2. smoke in the Classroom, Laboratory, Workshop, Library and Examination Hall.
  3. form, or associate with an organization/Society/  Club, or any other body, promoting cast distinctions and inciting parochial/linguistic/ regional feeling,
  4. collect money or receive donations or pecuniary assistance for or on behalf of the Institute except with the written permission of the Competent Authority,
  5. stage, incite, or participate, in a walkout, strike or any other formofagitationwhichmightcreateoris likely to create law and order problem for the Institute and affect or is likely to affect its smooth functioning,
  6. indulge in immoral activities, use indecent language, wear immodest dress, make indecent remarks, jokes gestures behave in an improper manner,
  7. cause disturbance to others,
    1. keep
  8. disturb peace and tranquility of the Institute,
    1. use in salutary or abusive language or resort to violence against a fellow student or employee of the Institute,
    2. attend the class work/practical without wearing prescribed dress / Protective during the course of his studies at the Institute.
    3. indulge himself/herself in copying during the Examination/Tests and unlawful help to any other person during the Examinations/Tests.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action by the Vice Chancellor of the Institute/ Disciplinary Committee against the students maybe

taken in one or more of the following forms depending upon the severity of the offence;

  1. A written warning may be issued to the students concerned and a copy same may be displayed on the Notice Board.

The matter may be reported to the Parents/Guardians and they may be called, if necessary.

  1. A student may be fined. The fine imposed shall have to be deposited with the Treasurer under intimation to the Vice Chancellor/Chairman Disciplinary Committee (constituted by the Vice Chancellor) as the case may be.
  2. A student may be placed on probation for a fixed period not exceeding 6 months. If during the period of probation he/she fails to improve his/her conduct, he/she may be rusticated or expelled.

Rustication           and           Expulsion Rustication, whenever, imposed on a student, shall always mean the loss of one academic year in so far as his/her appearance at a University examination is concerned. The period of absence from the Institute will, however, depend upon the time of the year when the penalty is imposed. The student under rustication may at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor of the Institute be permitted to rejoin the class in the beginning of the next academic year.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the regulations above, a student shall continue to be under the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Vice Chancellor of the Institute till the completion of his final year examination including the practicals and submission of the thesis research report, design project etc. and final clearance from the Institute.

Cancellation of Admission

*                If a student fails to attend classes for one week continuously after the start of the session, his/her admission shall stand cancelled automatically without any notice, and his/her seat will be offered to candidate next in merit.

*                If a student is unable to attend classes for ten days or more during the session without getting prior permission from the head of department, his/her admission shall also stand cancelled.

*                The IET Management reserves the right to cancel the admission of any student if he fails to abide by the disciplinary rules and regulations of the Institute issued by the Institute’s Management from time to time.

Code of Honour
  1. All Muslim Students must show, in words and in deeds, their full faith in Islam.
  2. All students must have faith in and respect for the ideology of Pakistan.
    1. All students must in maters of religion, respect the convictions of others.
      1. Every student is expected to;
        1. Be loyal to Pakistan,
        2. Obey the law of the Land as well as the Rules and Regulations of the Institute.
        3. Maintain law and order as well as the dignity and prestige of the Alma Mater,
        4. Have respect for morality and personal honour and right for others.
  3. practice honesty and integrity in dealings with fellow students, teachers and all others both on and off the Institute.
  4. help in protecting the life, dignity, honour and the property of the Institute and that of the employees and fellow students,
  5. respect teachers, all elders and persons in authority in the Institute.
  6. Workhard and complete the course of study within the prescribed period, and
  7. endeavour to positively contribute towards creating an atmosphere conducive to healthy academic pursuit.


All the students from session 2015 onward should come to the Institute in approved uniform.

During practical in laboratories students of B.Sc. Chemical Engineering are required to wear white cotton overalls. The students are expected to wear white Safety Helmets while working at Miniature Plant and Safety Goggles while working at Engineering Workshop. Overall, Helmets and Goggles are available at prescribed stores in Multan city.


The Institute expects its students to keep excellent record of class attendance. However, in case of emergency/sickness, students may take leave from the Head of the department by submitting an application supported by Medical Certificate in case of sickness, and by requesting him/her in writing in case of urgent work. Any unauthorized absence from class work may attract a fine of Rs.20/= per period.

  1. ‘BZU’ is an abbreviation for the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.
  2. ‘IET’ is an abbreviation for the NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology, Multan.
  3. ‘VC’ is an abbreviation for the Vice-Chancellor of IET. ‘Faculty’ means the academic staff of the IET.
    1. ‘Subject’ means a course of studies as prescribed in the detailed Syllabi, whose successful completion shall be the requirement of degree in the relevant discipline. It shall consist of Part-I (Theory) and/or Part-II (Sessional Work, Practical and Viva-Voce). Each part shall be considered a separate paper for the purpose of Examination.
    2. ‘Internal Examiner’ normally means the teacher/person appointed by the Competent Authority who has been teaching the subject to the class/section during the semester for which the examination is being conducted.
    3. ‘External Examiner’ means a person appointed by the Competent Authority, holding suitable qualifications in the relevant discipline who is neither a teacher in the IET nor has taught the subject to the class/section during the semester for which the examination is being held.
    4. The person ‘he’ and its derivatives are used for both male and female persons.