Student Societies

Student societies are very important for the creation of harmony between the individuals. These societies are built up to encourage or motivate students to come up with their unique thoughts to promote a sense of creativity. We have formed three societies in our institution.

Literary Society

Its objective is to foster awareness and importance of literature in order to encourage the study and appreciation of literature. In our institution members are involved in different cultural and social activities which promote sense of participation and sense of achievement among them. Literature as a media of social relationships, we explore the social activities inspired by it and examine the development of culture.

General Society

General Society is formed to organized and manage student events (seasonal, cultural, institutional) which helps in grooming the internal and artistic capabilities of students.

Technical Society

The objective of the Technical Society is to create awareness about the research procedures to keep pace with modern student research groups. Technical society like other societies is established to give students a gate way to show their technical approaches used in industries through industrial seminars and project exhibitions.