Training Program – Introduction



Process and Engineering industry throughout the world is expanding very rapidly. The increasing demands of productivity have made manufacturing industry more advance and automatic with sophisticated instruments and high level controls. In order to keep pace with industrial advancement, the Institute has decided to impart specialized training to persons having F.Sc. or D.A.E. qualification to serve in respective fields. This program is also approved to fulfill the legal obligation of the industry under Apprenticeship Ordinance, 1962. The one year training program will therefore, benefit both the trainees as well as the sponsoring organizations.


  • The one year technical training program forms the nucleus of the Institute’s activities. 9 month’s rigorous training at the Institute is followed by 3 months on the job training at one of NFC’s production units.
  • Intensive hands-on skills training is complemented with lectures and group discussions.
  • Simulations and mini-projects are undertaken by trainees.
  • The variety in methods is a vital feature of the centre’s philosophy of training. This is part of a systematic chain of objectives that result in the development of a highly productive and efficient work force.
  • Motivation and involvement of the trainee in a broad-based curriculum is the corner-stone of the successful implementation of our program.
  • Emphasis in training is more on conceptual understanding of a subject rather than an involvement with a narrow range of machines or equipment.
  • This makes the trainee confident and innovative in his approach. His training is directed towards meeting the requirements of all types of manufacturing and process based industries.

This one year Training Program is designed for Plant Operators / Technicians of various disciplines like, Chemical, Mechanical, Instrument and Electrical since 1985 restrictively for the Apprentices selected and recruited for NFC’s production Units. However, the Management of NFC IET feels pleasure in offering this program to the general public and admission can now be obtained by individuals having required qualifications. Nominees from other organizations are also welcomed to seek admission in the said program.

The program has an ideal blend of theory and practice to a proportion of approximately 50 : 50. Total contact hours are 1350 teaching hours in 9 months, which the students will spend in the Institute and the rest of 3 months will be spent at different NFC fertilizer production units, where the ‘In-Plant Trainings’ will be imparted for 450 hours. This will make the whole program with 1800 teaching hours in one year. This is by any standards a very rigorous program and demands hard work of highest level by students as well as the teachers.