- Double Effect Evaporator
- Climbing and falling Film   Evaporator
- Double Pipe Heat Exchanger 
- Steam Jacketted Open Pan   Evaporator
- Forced Convection Apparatus
- Unsteady State heat Transfer   Apparatus
- Forced Circulation Evaporator
- Shell and tube Heat Exchanger
- Plate type Heat Exchanger
- Steam Motor and Energy Conservation Test Unit. - Air Conditioning Unit
- Mechanical equivalent of Heat Apparatus
- Thermal Expansion Apparatus
- Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
- Thermal Efficiency Apparatus
- Thermal Radiation Apparatus with Stefan Boltzman Lamp
- Adiabatic Gas Law Apparatus
- General Cycle Refrigeration Unit
- Alternate Fuel Engine
- Complete Gas Turbine
-  Non Destructive Testing Equipment
-  Machine Diagnostic Equipment
-  Dye Penetrant Test
-  Magnetic Particle Testing
-  Ultrasonic Thickness Indicator & Flaw Detector.
-  Radiographic Testing   Equipment
-  Measuring Instruments
-  Centrifugal Compressor  
-  Steam Turbine
-  Pumps (Centrifugal, Gear, Reciprocating, Sliding Vane, Diaphragm)
-  Sectioned Models
- Pentium-IV
- Local Area Network System with 34 Terminals
- Engineering & Management Training Software
- Laser Printers, Desk Jet Printer, Scanner, CD Writer
- Intranet Facility
(H) MINIATURE PLANT ( Wet Simulator )
- Utility Section including Boiler, Cooling tower & Air Compressor
- High Pressure & High Temperature Operation
- Pneumatic & Electronic Controls
- Central Room Equipped with Annunciators
- Recorders
- Indicators
- Controllers
- Coefficient of Friction Apparatus
- Hooke's Law Apparatus
- Verification of Law of Moments (Disc App., Bent Lever App.)
- Screw Jack Apparatus
- Western Differential Pully Block - Worm & Worm Wheel   Apparatus
- Fly Wheel Apparatus (M.O.I.)
- Reaction of Beam Apparatus
- Bomb Calorimeter for C.V. Determination 
- Flash & Fire Point Testers: 
(I)   Abel Flash Point 
(ii)  Pensky Markten's Closed Cup 
(iii) Clevel and Open Cup
- Viscosity Measuring Apparatus 
(i)  Redwood-II & IV Viscometer,  
(ii)  Saybolt Viscometer 
(iii)  Engler Viscometer 
(iv)  Cannon Fenske Opaque Viscometer with Viscosity bath
- ASTM Distillation & Reid Vapour
  Pressure Apparatus
- Softening Point & Pour Point Testers
- Smoke Point Tester
- Penetrometer
- Centrifugal pump Test Rig
- Flow Meters: Rotameter, Venturi-meter 
- Orifice Meter
- Pitot tube
- Multipurpose Friction Apparatus
- Packed Column 
- Heat Exchanger
- Efflux Time Apparatus
- Reynold's Apparatus
- Sedimentation Study Apparatus       
- Honeywell's (TPS) Distributed Control System (DCS) trainer
- Omron's Programmable Logic Control (PLC) trainer.
- Batch Reactor
- Plug Flow Reactor
- Continuous Stirred Tank 
- Tabular Flow Catalytic Reactor
- Pilot Plant for the Sulphonation of Benzene
- Pilot Plant for the Production of  Hexamethylene Tetramine
- Fixed Bed Reactor
- Fluidized Bed Reactor
- Hybrid Reactor
- Alkaline Fading Reaction Unit
- Methanol Oxidation Reaction Unit
- Hydrogenation Reaction Unit

- Distillation Column, Tray Drier
- Liquid Diffusion Apparatus
- Gas Diffusion Apparatus
- Liquid Liquid Extraction Column
- Water Cooling Tower
- Gas Scrubber, Gas Absorption Column
- Steam Distillation, Ion Exchange Column
- Wetted Wall column
- Film Wise/Drop Wise condensation
- Venturi Jet Scrubber
- Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Still
- Standard Disc Column
- Hydraulic Cyclone
- Spray Tower
- Spray Dryer
- Process Control Simulators
- Sensors, Transmitters &   Transducers
- Measuring Instruments
- Logic Training Equipment
- A/D, D/A Convertors
- Sectioned Models
- Control Valves/ Positioners/Motion Transmitters - Signal Generators
- Frequency Convertors
- Oscilloscopes
-  Oscilloscope
-  Relay Testing Equipment
-  Transformers / Variable Transformers 1f / 3f
-  Regulators 
-  Volt Meters DC/AC
- COS f Meter
- Earth Test
- Meggar
- Lux Meter
- Measuring Instruments
- Sectioned Models
- Transformer Oil Testing Set
-  Digital Frequency Counters
-  Function Generators
-  DC Variable supplies
-  Single phase and 3 phase meters
-  D.C. Generators, Y/D Starters
-  Current & Potential Transformer
-  Electronics Controller AC Motor
-  PLC Trainer (OMRON)
- Ball Mill - Kneader Mixer
- Jaw Crusher
- Paddle Mixer
- Cane Crusher
- Oil Expeller & Crystallizer
- Hummer Screen
- Filter Press
- Pebble Mill 
- Liquid Mixer and Sieve shaker
- Lathe Machine
- Drill Machine
- Disc Cutter
- Grinding Wheels
- Welding Plants
- Valve Testing Equipment
- Hydraulic Pipe Benders/Roll   Bending Machines  - Compressors
- UV Spectrophotometer
- Turbidimeter   
- Flame Photometer
- Colour Comparator for Residual Chlorine
- Wet Test Gas Meter
- CO Analyzer 2
- Karl Fisher Analyzer
- Paper Chromatography Kit
- Dew Point Apparatus
- Dissolved Oxygen Meters
-  Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Apparatus and BOD Incubator
- Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Apparatus and   Spectrophotometer
- Flue-Gas Analyzer
- Multimeter for Determining, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temp, TDS Salinity
- Digital Titrator
- CO Analyzer
(R) SIMULATION LAB. - CFD ansys (licensed)
- ASPEN Plus - ASPEN Hysys
- 30 Core i3 Computers
-  Multimedia Projector
-  VCRs and TV Monitors
-  Overhead Projectors/ Transparency Makers
-  Slide Projectors
-  Opaque Projectors
-  Video Camera System
-  Magnabyte




Chemical Engineering inhabits an inimitable position as an interface between molecular sciences and engineering.  It is closely associated with the  fundamental subjects of physics, biology, math, and chemistry and in intimate link with the fellow engineering disciplines like electrical, civil, material sciences and computer sciences.  Generally, Chemical Engineering has unparalleled prospects and opportunities to do grater things.  Conventionally linked with energy systems and fuel combustion, Chemical Engineering now a days is spear heading new insight developments in various fields of micro-electronics, advanced material, consumer product, biotechnology, manufacturing and environmental solutions.  A new generation of Chemical Engineering trained entrepreneurs are forming innovative new businesses, no doubt influenced by the fact that Chemical Engineers have served as CEOs of such leading global businesses as 3M, DuPont, General Electric, Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, Exxon, BASF, Gulf and Texaco.  People with undergraduate and graduate Chemical Engineering degrees go on to work in industry, academia, consulting, law, medicine, finance and other fields.

Chemical Engineering undergraduate programme includes a thorough study of mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as an understanding of biological, physical and chemical operation and processes. Courses in this programme cover material and energy balances, transport phenomena, reaction kinetics and process & equipment design. The students also have a choice of electives from topics such as Petrochemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Petroleum Refinery Engineering, Polymer Engineering and some general management topics. The strength of this program is that it enables our graduates to enter the chemical/process industries with confidence and their abilities find almost immediate use. 

Why Choose Us?

NFC-IET is endowed with a highly competitive educational environment with distinguished & learned faculty and ranked among the top institute of Pakistan in engineering education.  The undergraduate chemical engineering laboratories of the Institute provide state-of-the-art equipment for students to obtain hands-on experience to engineering principles and exposure to chemical technology and instrumentation.  The Department has an excellent ammonia miniature plant facility, which provides opportunity to undergraduate students to work with live operating conditions. Ammonia miniature plant is the pride of NFC-IET to produce best chemical engineers for the country leading process industrial research organizations. The Department has excellent computer facilities which provide software for the design of chemical processes, instructional support and general purpose services.  The Institute takes pride of producing the best chemical engineers for the country's leading process industries and research organizations.  If you have the natural curiosity about how things work and interact in the world of chemicals, come and join us and enjoy the pleasure of learning chemical engineering innovations.


The Chemical Engineering Faculty

The faculty in the department of Chemical Engineering is a blend of qualified persons rich in industrial experience and academic qualification. The faculty has Ph.D's, M.Sc. Engineering and persons with vast industrial and engineering design experience. All the faculty members are well trained in the art of imparting knowledge and communication skills.

The Curriculum

Syllabi & Courses of reading in Chemical Engineering are as per the latest guidelines of Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council. The courses have been designed in consultation with representatives of academic institutions of Pakistan, representatives of Chemical industry all over the country and needs of foreign Universities offering higher degrees in Chemical Engineering. This is why graduates of this department have been accepted for higher studies by Universities all over the world.

Career in Chemical Engineering

Due to vast range of scientific and technical knowledge that this profession has, the chemical engineer is described as “Universal Engineer”. Our graduates are extremely versatile and able to handle a wide range of concerned technical problems. 

A large number of positions are available for chemical engineers in sugar industries, cement factories, fertilizer projects, power generation plants and defense organizations. Chemical engineers may enter the division of production and advance towards plant or production management positions or they may find their position useful in design development or research departments.

Petroleum processing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, natural and synthetic rubbers and plastics, electronic materials, surface coatings, atomic energy, environmental control and biotechnology are some of the other fields where chemical engineers can be employed.

New Laboratories

Two new labs have been added in the department – A Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab and a Simulation Lab.  The process development often begins with a bench scale laboratory study, small scale glass or metal equipment employed to obtain data of an exploratory nature.  Such experimentation is valuable in that it often provides an inexpensive way of having the feasibility of a process and directing the way to further research effort.

In pilot plant operation and laboratory scale equipment, a procedure like that of a commercial plant is followed so that the data obtained can be used in scaling up of the pilot plant to commercial size.  It is essential that all the theoretical knowledge available be used for practical purpose.  Thus the knowledge of kinetics, gained from the bench scale operations aid greatly in the design of pilot plant/reactor design etc.

Keeping in view the requirements of modern industrialization, Process Design and Simulation has attracted not only the industrialists but also the process engineers in many aspects like Process Development and Research, Safety Engineering and Environmental Protection, Plant Engineering, Automation and Control, Quality Assurance.  Diagnoses, Prognoses, Optimization as well as Marketing. 

It is the need of hour to upgrade the knowledge of fresh graduates. For this purpose CHEMCAD and ANSYS software has been procured and installed on 30 Core i3 computers and the students are being trained.

Coal Research Center

NFC IET has established a Coal Research Center with the financial assistance of Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) Govt. of Pakistan by spending Rs.67.34 millions.

The objectives of this project are to carry out Research Work on Coal Combustion, Coal Gasification and beneficiation.  The Research Center is ready to provide research support for energy and environmental research programs.  In addition to performing proximate and ultimate analysis, provide a wide variety of testing. Calorific value of fuel, flue gas analysis, grindability index of coal, sieve analysis, size reduction, ash fusion temperature, analysis of refinery Gas/Natural Gas/Coal/Biomass Gases and Element Analysis of Drinking/Waste Water.

Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable, physical and chemical analytical testing services and technical trained manpower to the energy, textile, sugar and cement sector of the country.




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